Manufacturer and exporter of grinder (Air Attrition Mill ) to grind guar gum, wheat whole, soya flour, fish, tamarind flour, psyllium, pigment, dyes, chemicals, animal feeding stuff, calcium, wood flour, sugar, asphalt, adhesives also grinding for industries as pharmaceutical, powder, clays, carbonate, tyre, rubber, polypropylene, dextrose and clay industries.

Manufacturer and Exporter of Plant and Machineries as Air Attrition Mill, Psyllium Plant, Pellet Mill, Guar Gum Plant by Trumatic Engineers in India.Offers Guar Gum Plant and Guar Gum Machineries Exporter by Trumatic Engineers in Ahmedabad, India.E-mail if Interested in any of our Guar Gum Plant, Guar Gum Machineries in India.

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Air Attrition Mill, Ultrafine Grinder


The AMI Roto-sifter has high capacity yet physically small sifter unit used for seperation of various size fractions of particulate materials produced in the Food, flour milling, feed, chemical pharmaceutical, plastics and similar processing industries.

The machine is capable of making up to FOUR seperations with a variety of internal flow schemes and option of 4, 6 or 8 Frames for capacity.

It is ideal for Hygienic Products and sieving of large quantities through fine apertures of Silk, Nylon, Polyester or Wire Mesh - Sieve Cloth.


The entire stack of sieves is gyrated on a horizontal plane. Immediately the Feed spreads evenly over the top sieve. The rotary movement of the machine conveys the stock on the sieve and some of the finer particles fall through the screen onto the sieve collecting tray, to be discharged at right angles into one of the THROUGH channels. Thus material Travels overthe sieve and falls on the top of the next sieve below which similar size seperation takes place.

The coarse material or overtails continue to travel overthe remaining sieves, turning over and reversing their direction of flow as they pass from sieve to sieve, until it reaches the bottom sieve from where oversize is discharged as TAIL product. During the sieving operation, the mesh apertures are kept constantly open by the action of cleaners bouncing against the holes of the underside of each sieving surface.


The main machine components are the base frame, driving motor, counter weights, eccentric mechanism, sieve carrying frame, sieve stack, sieve clamping mechanism, and the sieve mountings.

The sieve stack frames are made of extruded aluminium sections braced to give extra strength. The sieve insert clothing frames are specially developed aluminium section braced across the centre by supporting platform of wire mesh for cleaning pads.


The AMI Roto-sifter is delivered as a fully assembled Unit. Installation involves only bolting the machine to a firm foundation, cutting holes in floor for deliveries, making the electrical connections and finally fixing up the inlets and outlets and required size sieve clothes to start the production.
Simple in Construction.
smooth, noiseless running.
Extremely high capacity.
Positively leak proof method of clamping .
Handy, interchanfable sieves and loose clothing frames.
Great adptability to suit rewuirement of flow, no.of separations, sieves etc.
Minimum time required for attendance and cleaning.
Easy and rapid installation.
ldeal for hygienic Products.
Provides aseptic condition.

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