Manufacturer and exporter of grinder (Air Attrition Mill ) to grind guar gum, wheat whole, soya flour, fish, tamarind flour, psyllium, pigment, dyes, chemicals, animal feeding stuff, calcium, wood flour, sugar, asphalt, adhesives also grinding for industries as pharmaceutical, powder, clays, carbonate, tyre, rubber, polypropylene, dextrose and clay industries.

Manufacturer and Exporter of Plant and Machineries as Air Attrition Mill, Psyllium Plant, Pellet Mill, Guar Gum Plant by Trumatic Engineers in India.Offers Guar Gum Plant and Guar Gum Machineries Exporter by Trumatic Engineers in Ahmedabad, India.E-mail if Interested in any of our Guar Gum Plant, Guar Gum Machineries in India.

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Air Attrition Mill, Ultrafine Grinder

Trumatic  offers cone-screw-processor which is a dry sold blender. The cone-screw-processor is used to achieve a homogeneous product with efficiency and safety. Apart from being used as a blender, the other appli­cations of this system are as reaction vessel, air and vacuum dryer, emulsifier and live storage hopper.

The cone-screw-proces­sor has an ability to dis­perse minor ingredients uniformly in cycle times faster than those of con­ventional mixers. Short cycles-times are achieved as a result of the double blending action in these units.

The orbital action of the helical screw rotating on its own axis carry the material upward and sec­ondly, the revolution of this screw about the centre line of the cone-shaped shell along the wall gives top to bottom circulation.

Many models are available for mixing of dry solids, pastes, liquids, emulsions and suspen­sions. These cone-screw-processors are manufac­tured in mild steel, stain­less steel and special alloy steel. Whenever neces­sary special coating and internal linings are pro­vided for handling corro­sive materials.

Guar Gum Plant
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